Finding My Power —

Ever heard of that saying… “tell the negative committee in your head to shut the f up and sit down?” Yessss! As I laugh as I write that – I realise probably most of us have and have had a small chuckle to yourself there.

Finding My Power —

But I read it again in a book a couple of weeks ago while trying to do a little soul searching and it HIT me smack bang in between the eyes – STOP!


We jest, but I have had writers block for maybe a year now. In the space of that time I felt like I lost my voice a little, not in a bad way, but more in a way of questioning where I wanted to position myself. Working out who was I trying to reach out to. What I wanted to share. Who did I want to share that with. Then, the big old doubt bubble would come surrounding my brainwaves and say… “yes, but who even cares what you have to say anyway so…. what’s the point?” Has anyone met our friend, Mrs doubt?

That’s were I have been in terms of my writing… on a big old journey of redefining my creativity… Life Status: I’m in an extremely happy, positive and loving place – the BEST, and also physically, psychologically and work wise – which is another reason why I had to realign my reasons to write. I realised I needed some time and space away from socials and from blogging to figure out where my space was and also what I had to say was valuable for the people I wanted to help. Because let’s be honest, the reason we blog, the reason we post, the reason we believe in something, is because we want to share and utilise our experience and expertise to help others, right?

Finding My Power —

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